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Best of Rugby snacks and beverages

Rugby season is upon us and for every match, snacks and drinks are a requisite while waiting for the braaied meat to be ready.

As some things cannot be found under the same roof, the nominations needed to be split:

  1. Crossing SPAR and Courtside Tops provide the perfect balance of snacks and drinks. Crossing SPAR offers bacon biltong, chips as well as other light snacks and soda. TOPS Courtside will provide all the beverages you may need.
  2. Rooikat Liquors offers a huge range of alcohol at wholesale prices, so your lips stay as wet as your eyes in the case of a defeat. El Madre butchery can supply every meaty delight, from the boerewors to the biltong, as well as other snacks.
  3. Tuisbedryf Nelspruit in Westend offers a range of baked goods for your sweet tooth, and you can always find something to sip on at Westend SPAR.

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