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Home-made preserves for the win

Fruit preserves are all the “jam”, and can be used in nearly all kinds of dishes from sweet and sour strawberry ice cream to marmalade glazed ham and flavoured porridge to fruit preserve grilled sandwiches. In fact, why would you not add a little preserve to every plate?

Here are three fantastic spots to find yummy home-made preserves in Mbombela city:

Halls Farm Stall is one of the most iconic stops in the city. When you stop at the garage to fill up your tank for the trip to Johannesburg, do not miss a walk around the store where you can stock up on road trip supplies such as dried fruit, preserves and fruit and vegetables.
If you are not in a great rush, take a little time to frequent the restaurant on site. You will not be disappointed. Enquiries: 013-752-2142.


• Tucked away in the Westend Shopping Centre, Tuisbedryf Westend offers a wide range of home-made delights, from freshly-baked cakes, tarts to savoury goodies and platters.

They also offer a wide range of jams and chutneys – strawberry, papaya, watermelon and tomato. Something not to miss is the marula jelly.

Tuisbedryf’s Adri Oosthuizen says she likes to use the apricot jam in her curries and it is always a treat to have some warm fresh bread and a dollop of home-made jam. Enquiries: 013-745-7689.

• If you have not popped in to Idelic at Crossing Centre, you are surely missing out. From assorted dried fruits and nuts and coffee beans to chilli biltong bites and chicken “flatties”, Idelic really does have a little of everything, but it is the jams, chutneys and preserves which we are interested in.

With flavours like banana, pineapple and sweet chilli, who would not want to make a turn by the store which promises excellent services and competitive prices. Enquiries: 082-456-8032.

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