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The best patties and buns in Mbombela – find them here!

The hamburger business is a serious business.

What makes a delicious hamburger?

It appears that “back to basics” is the way to go. Before the lettuce, tomatoes, layers of cheese and sauces are added, two burger building blocks must be there.

The bun.
The bun.
The patty.
The patty.

We’ve found some of the best buns and patties in town.

  • “I like your buns.”

Deeghuys is located in the Crossing Nelspruit centre. Their Brotchen, White cocktail and portugese rolls are delicious. Yet the Hamburger and Whammy burger rolls are the ideal base for a burger fit for a king. Deeghuys offers fresh and frozen baked goods for your convenience.

Grove SUPERSPAR gets poetic about bread.

“There is nothing quite like the experience of breaking open freshly baked bread, the steam that escapes entertains your sense of smell with the promise of the warmth and comfort each bite will bring, which is why we ensure that our goods are baked daily because we believe experience is everything,” its website states.

Now that your burger has a solid foundation, it is time to fill it with a mouthwatering patty.

  • The patty…

Vleis Paleis’ Lourens Kriel mixes mince up with a combination of spices that charms the tastebuds. He also makes patties as requested by clients on order. One happy customer recently requested bacon and mince patties. “What Vleis Paleis delivered blew my mind! It was delicious,” he said.

Rudy Oosthuyse’s patties are the real deal. Grove SUPERSPAR’s butcher does not add ‘binding agents’ to his patties. “They have a freash taste and do not shrink when cooked,” he says. “We have an extensive, unique range of spices that are mixed into the mince and the outcome is like nothing you have tasted before,” he adds excitedly.

Grove SUPERSPAR’s patties can be chilled and reheated. “Heated or chilled, it still tastes perfect,” he promises.


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