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Best of seafood and fish suppliers

Seafood is a classic favourite dish, but with the ocean being so far away, it is hard to get it fresh. Luckily, Mbombela is packed with places that can cater to any fishy need you may have.

Best of seafood:

  1. John Dory’s at Riverside Mall offers seafood at reasonable prices, from sushi to fried fish and chips. Contact: 013-757-0972.
  2. Mediterranean Seafood Restaurant and Sushi Bar at I’langa Mall is one of the more exclusive places to eat in town, with the premise that bigger is better, since they have larger portions. Contact: 013-742-2235
  3. De Vette Mossel just outside of Mbombela offers a laid back and casual dining experience, close to the Cape fishing culture. With buffet style pricing, you can eat as much as you like. Contact: 060-371-6768

Best of fish suppliers:

  1. Roelof’s Fresh Fish Co is a wholesaler and seafood restaurant, known for fresh fish on demand and reasonable prices. Contact: 082-491-6685.
  2. The Fish & Chip Co brings old England’s national food of batter-fried fish with huge fries to the Lowveld to satisfy our appetites. Contact: 082-962-3905.
  3. Fishaways at Crossings brings a healthy variety of fish and chips to the table. At reasonable prices and with good service, you will never be left hungry. Contact: 013-752-4596.

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