Shopping in Mbombela 2017

Shopping is definitely one of our talents! We're talking decor, electronics, stationery and malls..
  • The bookshop with the biggest selection of brand new best sellers and so much more..
  • Flat screen TV's, home computers.. If you're looking for the greatest technology, which computer and electronics store do you rate best?
  • When we need a little green in our lives, we head for the best garden centre in Mbombela
  • New home? Now you need furniture too.
  • Need to do a bit of DIY? You'll find everything needed at Mbombela's best hardware store.
  • When perfection really applies, who is the best?
  • The outdoor and camping shop where you go to get the best gear.
  • For medical needs, where do you 24/7?
  • What do we love? To hit the shopping malls, of course.
  • For the romantics at heart, where do you go to buy flowers?
  • Business offering the best service - its commitment is obvious in friendly, reliable and quality service that makes you feel like family.